looking back, part 2.

(originally posted SEPTEMBER, 2007:)

how great is it when a bunch of tiny good things become the subliminal building blocks of a good day.

i didn't get and A+ on my midterm, win the lotto or get a pay raise, but today was a good day for me.

there was just enough yogurt left in the container for my breakfast of fruit-nut muesli. i managed to carry my teabag across the room to the bin without spilling a drop; tea steeped to perfection till the last sip. i met my new house for the next three months and we get along amazingly; i couldn't help smiling at all of its twenty-something walls in glorious admiration. i was free to accept the first appointment available to get my tattoo touch-up. the kitten on lilac street got off the road just in time before she was run over by some heedless driver. i managed to fit a satisfying nap into my afternoon, woke just in for a dinner date at breads & circuses, and i got green light after green light despite the fact that i was driving home during rush hour.

with that in mind, i hope this new thing called university contributes to one of the small things that make my days to come good ones, too.

. . . . . . . . .

tiny dancing silhouettes

it was the birds that made me turn left and look up.

that's when i saw your bike was riding towards me,

and learned that the moon dances with waves on the horizon.