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a love affair - part three

photography: Kyle Thomas // venue: Fort Gibraltar 
bride's dress: The English Dept. (via Etsy) // bridesmaids' dresses: Anthropologie 

see the video here // see the invitations here

a love affair - part two

We definitely wanted our invitations to be a collaboration between the two of us. We started by discussing ideas over beers (as most of our plans usually start), and eventually strayed from over-the-top-hand-made-custom-everything elaborate invitations to something that would suit ourselves and our wedding a whole lot more. Between his drawing and screenprinting skills, my digital design skills, and our mutual fondness for clean lines and simple shapes, we came up with the design for these.

Then came a whole lotta sketching, scanning, kerning, tweaking, cutting, scoring, folding, sealing, spray-glueing. 

The overall process looked a lot like these pages from Adrian Tomine's Scenes from an Impending Marriage – a highly recommended, relatable read for any (previous) bride (or bride-to-be!).  


a love affair - part one

Danika + Drex from Matt Wiebe on Vimeo.
This page, my little corner of the internet, has been a lot of things.

It started out years ago as an upgrade to myspace blogs and facebook notes, paragraphs of musings brought to life across the ocean - in Australian internet cafes, Indonesian travel journals, and various New Zealand hostels - and back home in Winnipeg while laying in a borrowed bed on McMillan Avenue. Only some of these remain, leaving me an awkward glimpse at my former self.

Suddenly it became a mash up of a few quite different things, with posts shorter and more visual in nature than they had been. I was settling into a new home, a new routine of school, and a new lover (who would eventually become my husband). The blog became a tiny glimpse into my experiencing those beginnings.

It's latest purpose has been to act as a pseudo-portfolio, a place to share my arts+crafts and design school projects. However sporadic those posts have been, they depict a small aspect of the progression of my life over the last couple years.

Today this page takes a small time out to become a Wedding Blog.
I share with you the start to a new chapter - one that may end up looking a whole lot like the older ones, except that now it's all going to be happening with the best partner by my side.

Danika + Drex | July 29, 2011
a wedding video by Matt Wiebe


a nutshell

I've recently compiled the last two years of my education into a nutshell, and you can visit it by clicking here.

In the coming months, I'm hoping to get in the habit of more regular blog posts- filling this space with some of my work, life and inspiration. However, first on my list of priorities for the summer is to become a wife - the word still sounds funny...but good! :) With school (for me) and work (for him) having been pretty hectic all winter and spring, we have yet to chip away at the majority of our wedding 'to do' list. We've got a lot of shopping, planning and printing to do! Thankfully, we make a good team.

my man, two dorks (us), and how super-cool our future child will be:


time to update, then nap

As reading week begins, I thought I'd take the time to update this page with some of my newest work. Low on text and pretty skimpy on the images, but something nonetheless. If I am making little sense, I apologize, but my brain is mostly filled with head cold congestion and Tylenol as my immune system- after holding out fairly well for most of winter- has decided to take a break this week, too. I imagine the comfort-food-diet of chips, ice cream and pizza isn't helping much with that either. oops.

Here is a piece that I did for an Art Show and Fundraiser my class did last weekend. We spent all of Saturday making original art, and it was auctioned off on Sunday. Although this ate up everyone's weekends, I think most of us were happy to get off our computers for a couple days (I know I was). I did a paper cut, and really enjoyed the process. I find a repetitive task like this to be quite rhythmic and therapeutic. I waited around at the end of the auction to thank the woman who purchased the piece, but in the end didn't get to meet her. I hope it went to a good home.

a post to make me feel cool(er)

Though I felt like a bit of a dork (and poser) coming up with skateboard designs, my fiance- who is a lot more familiar with both skateboarding and skate graphics- thinks they turned out pretty good. He's biased, I know, but I like them too.