time to update, then nap

As reading week begins, I thought I'd take the time to update this page with some of my newest work. Low on text and pretty skimpy on the images, but something nonetheless. If I am making little sense, I apologize, but my brain is mostly filled with head cold congestion and Tylenol as my immune system- after holding out fairly well for most of winter- has decided to take a break this week, too. I imagine the comfort-food-diet of chips, ice cream and pizza isn't helping much with that either. oops.

Here is a piece that I did for an Art Show and Fundraiser my class did last weekend. We spent all of Saturday making original art, and it was auctioned off on Sunday. Although this ate up everyone's weekends, I think most of us were happy to get off our computers for a couple days (I know I was). I did a paper cut, and really enjoyed the process. I find a repetitive task like this to be quite rhythmic and therapeutic. I waited around at the end of the auction to thank the woman who purchased the piece, but in the end didn't get to meet her. I hope it went to a good home.