a love affair - part one

Danika + Drex from Matt Wiebe on Vimeo.
This page, my little corner of the internet, has been a lot of things.

It started out years ago as an upgrade to myspace blogs and facebook notes, paragraphs of musings brought to life across the ocean - in Australian internet cafes, Indonesian travel journals, and various New Zealand hostels - and back home in Winnipeg while laying in a borrowed bed on McMillan Avenue. Only some of these remain, leaving me an awkward glimpse at my former self.

Suddenly it became a mash up of a few quite different things, with posts shorter and more visual in nature than they had been. I was settling into a new home, a new routine of school, and a new lover (who would eventually become my husband). The blog became a tiny glimpse into my experiencing those beginnings.

It's latest purpose has been to act as a pseudo-portfolio, a place to share my arts+crafts and design school projects. However sporadic those posts have been, they depict a small aspect of the progression of my life over the last couple years.

Today this page takes a small time out to become a Wedding Blog.
I share with you the start to a new chapter - one that may end up looking a whole lot like the older ones, except that now it's all going to be happening with the best partner by my side.

Danika + Drex | July 29, 2011
a wedding video by Matt Wiebe