nearing the close

i'm nearly (!!) done Year One of graphic design at red river college. it's going to be a long month, but then...well, i'm not sure what then. i assume i'll go mad with sudden 24/7 free time, so i'll fill my plate with money-making, book-buying, cookie-baking and dock-lying. for now, it's work, work, work til the bitter end.

here are just a couple of my latest school projects (more to come). you can also see them, and more of my work, by following the "portfolio" link to the right. -------->

Simple Pleasures baked cookie bar, package redesign:
(click to view a larger version. see the original here )

Four Seasons vector posters (titles in german)


Caroline said...

You are so talented, Danika! I hope after you're done school, I can partake in some cookie-baking!